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So since starting Tell Another Mom, I’ve had so much support from other moms reaching out and wanting to help get the word out there about the mission. It got me thinking… I need to make it easier for moms to encourage one another. In a perfect world, we would all walk up to random mothers and tell them that they are ‘good moms’ or that they are doing an ‘amazing job’. Taking this leap of faith and hoping that the response is a positive one can be somewhat intimidating (although I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to hear that they’re a good mom!). So, after some thought I’ve decided to start up the Tell Another Mom MONDAYS.

What does this mean? Simply put, it’s one day a week that we put our differences and insecurities aside and ENCOURAGE one another by sharing a few kind words. You can be involved by doing any of the following: SAY it, EMAIL it, SHARE it, TWEET it or PIN it (I’m sure that I am missing some form of social media here… so please if I am, feel free to let us all know).

Each week I’ll have a new picture on facebook so that anyone can share it to another mom’s timeline. On twitter, simply tweet to another mother something encouraging and hashtag it #TAMmonday or include @TellAnotherMom. (i.e. @MarieOsmond you’re an amazing mother #TAMmonday)

How involved do you have to be? As little or as much as you desire. I’m going to start by telling three mothers that they’re doing a great job (who knows… I may even get a little out of control and tell more). I’m supporting my friends, other bloggers, moms I don’t know, celebrity moms. You name it… whoever that I feel really needs to hear those four words… YOU’RE A GOOD MOM.

I hope at least a few moms out there will join the mission to tell another mom that she’s a good mom (or any other encouraging words). The first time someone I didn’t even know told me… I had no idea how badly I really needed to hear those kind words.


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