So what is the “Tell Another Mom” mission? It’s simple. When we entered this wonderful world of motherhood, we also unknowingly signed up for the judgement and criticism that comes along with being a Mom. What’s even worse about this, is that as mothers, we do it to each other. If you ask any mother to answer honestly, I can guarantee that she’s been at both ends of the criticism and judgement. So the mission is simply this…Tell Another Mom that she is doing a good job or offer some sort of support that is actually helpful. Have you ever had another mother tell you that you are a ‘good mom‘. I have…and it feels so amazing.

Don’t tell a mom who hasn’t slept for weeks on end, that you have a baby that sleeps for twelve hours a night. Instead tell her about one of your struggles rather than boasting about your success. When you see a mother who is dragging her four year old to the kindergarten door with a toddler screaming and a newborn baby in a stroller in the middle of winter, make it your duty to tell her what a great job she is doing. We need to relate with each other and offer support in replace of judgement and competition. The mission is about helping other mothers on a weekly basis. If you can do it on a daily basis even better. I have made a commitment to stop criticizing, judging and competing with other moms. Instead, I will support them by following the Tell Another Mom mission.

So to join the tell another mom mission, all you need to do is offer support to other mothers in replace of judgement. You can also be part of TAM mondays, or include the ‘I’ve joined the mission’ button in your side bar. Here are some simple suggestions to help you with your mission:

Tell another mom…

1. …that she’s a good mom. (it feels so good to say it and to hear it!!)

2. …that she’s doing a great job.

3. …that you have been in her shoes.

4. …about your struggles.

5. …that being a mom is hard work.

6. …that it’s okay to cry.

7. …that we all make mistakes.

8. …to do what works.

9. …to take time for herself.

10. …that every child is different.


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    • AWESOME. I love hearing moms that are inspired to help one another. I think it would be amazing if we could make supporting one another the norm.

  1. I am IN. I found this after I asked how I could help. Still, let me know if I can do more. I would love to share this on my blog, but I can’t figure out how to reblog!

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