After a year of Mommy Blogging…

So, it’s been a year since launching Tell Another Mom, and I thought that I should write a post about my experience breaking into the world of ‘mommy blogging’. First off, my one year anniversary date passed the end of February. It is clearly the middle of March. So I guess one of the biggest lessons I learned about blogging, is that if you are going to be in it for the long haul, you have to roll with the punches and write when you are inspired, and not because you have to. Somewhere along the line I became very fixated on how many times I was posting a week, how much traffic I was getting and where my social media numbers were at. When I stepped back and reminded myself that this blog was supposed to be about helping other moms, and not about becoming some worldwide blogging celebrity… it became fun again.

The second thing I learned about mommy blogging, is that there is always someone else out there that feels the same way you do. I realized after only a few months of blogging, that there are so many moms out there that feel alone and are relieved to hear another mom vent about relatable topics. Sometimes I would write an article and sit and stare at that publish button on the screen. Nervous and reluctant to post it, I would hesitate publishing what I wrote with the worry that I was the only mom out there that struggled or felt overwhelmed with some part of motherhood. I have been so surprised by the support that has poured over the past year. Support from moms who have felt alone, but read something on my blog that helped in some way. Encouragement from mothers who have been through so many of the same things we can be so mute about in our daily lives. And now, this blog that I created to help other moms, has turned out to be a huge support system for myself.

The third thing that I discovered is that sometimes writing can offer clarity. I have sat around worrying and over analyzing about pretty much any topic in the ‘mommy handbook’. And yet, sit me down in front of a computer and I can write about my thoughts, anxieties, and fears… and finish feeling like I have it all figured out. Or… that I am indeed a little crazy. Yes, when you read your thoughts on paper, it can be a little… well… shocking. I have, on more than one occasion, realized that I am indeed slightly crazy, after reading my honest reflections on screen. But, the best part is… I am not alone. I have on more than one occasion read comments from other moms that are relieved to hear they are not the only ones out there that have totally lost their minds all together. Yes, motherhood can take a toll on your sanity… for sure.

And the last thing I have realized, is that if you are going to blog, and write honestly… you better be very comfortable in your own skin. Every single time you publish something, there are going to be those who disagree with what you have to say. There are going to be people who passionately argue every single point you make, even when you think you’ve written the most uncontroversial article possible. At the end of the day, if you are blogging, you need to accept that not everyone is going to like what you are saying or doing. You also have to be prepared to be completely transparent. I write pretty open and honestly about my experiences as a mother. People relate more to the ‘downs’ than the ‘ups’ in life. So it is kind of ironic that so many blogs out there tend to leave out all the hardships in their writing. I have connected the most with other mothers when I have written about the struggles I wanted to pretend never happened.

So, to all the moms out there who have followed the blog this past year… thank you. Thank you for your kind words, encouragement, criticism, advice and support. You are the reason I continue to write and share my stories and experiences… the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly. I often feel like I will never be alone in any struggle, because there will always be one of you out there brave enough to share your story. Because of that… I am inspired.

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