Disney… the Good, the Bad and the Totally Insane

disneySo as many of you know, I have recently returned from a magical trip to Disney World. I spent months planning and organizing what I hoped would be a trip that my kids would remember forever. I had sleepless nights leading up to our trip worrying about all the ‘what if’s’ that could occur. And now that I’m home, I get to let out a huge sigh of relief. It was a wonderful trip. The kids were amazing, and tolerated long days and all kinds of new experiences. Now I can go on for hours about how awesome my kids were and what perfect weather we had and all the great memories we made… but that would just bore you all to death. What I will tell you about, is how I learned this trip that there is what I consider to be crazy, and the insanity while in Disney.

Okay… so by now you all probably realize that I like to exaggerate just a smidge every now and again. You can rest assure that there is absolutely no exaggeration within this post. So when you are thinking, ‘there’s no way people are really that crazy…’ I assure you, they are. DISNEY MAKES PEOPLE INSANE. Our first day going into the park I was surprised that they checked everyone’s bags so thoroughly. That night, I realized why it was so important for them to check to make sure no one brought any weapons in. There were seriously people arguing about cutting in line, fighting over stealing seats on the parade route, and demanding that disney staff  change their policies because they paid good money to be there. And while I’m on the topic of parades… I have to bring up the insane fact that people start setting up camp over two hours before the twenty minute parade, just so they can have a good view. There is nothing normal about any of this.

And then there are the scooters. They are everywhere, and really in my opinion out of control. I actually witnessed a scooter fly by me, knock over a small child and hit a wall. INSANITY. Luckily everyone was okay, but seriously… shouldn’t there be some policies or safety regulations to monitor the use of these vehicles? Everywhere you turned there were scooters running over people’s feet and causing traffic jams within the parks. I completely understand that these vehicles are a necessity for many people, but it does not change the fact that it adds to the  CRAZINESS within the parks.

You get totally stressed out parents that force their screaming children to watch parades and stand in line for rides, long after they have reached their breaking points.  I found that because most of the adults were very frazzled, it also meant that they became competitive disney tourists. What does that mean? It turns normal sane people into monsters who are willing to push and shove to get into lines and find tables in restaurants. One morning I was trying to get through the cafeteria with three breakfast meals on my platter, and ended up with a yogurt parfait all down the front of me. You would think that the woman who bumped into me would have felt bad or offered to help, but instead she looked at me like it was a good thing I didn’t spill any on her. This confirmed it for me… DISNEY MAKES PEOPLE INSANE.

Alright, now before you change your mind about going to Disney, just know that despite all the craziness… it is an amazing place to go with your kids. We had a blast. The looks on the kids faces made all the stress and insanity worth it. So, to all the moms who are considering going to disney… don’t let the craziness deter you. Disney makes people insane, but it’s how you deal with it that determines if you yourself with end up crazy. I made it through, and ended up being only slightly more insane than when I arrived.

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