Be Sure to Think Through Those Little White Lies.

When you have kids, you realize quickly that ‘free time’ dissipates quickly. You no longer have time to do any of those simple things that were once just part of your daily life. There is no time to watch your favorite tv shows, randomly surf the internet for hours, or go for a leisurely walk. If you are lucky, you may be able to put on some half decent cartoon and fold some laundry. That is now the definition of ‘free time’… laundry and Dora the Explorer. And forget about ‘adult time’. If you are at all thinking that you are going to keep up with your pre-child bedtime romps… you are sadly mistaken. This is where all my dear ‘family’ readers can step away from the computer and do us all a favor and not read the rest of this post.

I regularly take advantage of my children’s innocence for just a few moments for myself. I will bring out an impossible puzzle for them to work on, just to get an extra half hour of sleep. I have told a white lie about doing some sort of boring chore, just so I can sneak out for a quick run. The thing about being a mom, is that for whatever reason, our children seem to ensure that ALL of our time is spent with them. So… every once in a while I think a little white lie or a cruel and impossible puzzle, is just what we need to keep our sanity. Up until recently, I have gotten away with my little tricks and sneaky deceptions.

We are a shift working family. So on the off chance that hubby and I are both off together, we are normally either exhausted from working a twelve hour shift or grumbling about working early the next day. Every so often we are both off, well rested and enjoying being home together. Last week, we were experiencing one of these well needed days. Naturally, all we could think of was carrying on with one another like we used to before kids…in the middle of the day, wherever and whenever we wanted. Obviously, this wasn’t an option. Unless of course, I pulled one of my little white lies that seemed to always work when I just wanted a bit of free time to myself. This wasn’t any different really. I could pull it off.

All I needed to do was put a movie on, get some good snacks, turn the shower on and lock the door. Simple. As hubby rushed to get some treats put together and ended any debate over the movie choice, I quickly disappeared just to avoid any unwanted questions. I was convinced that this was a foolproof plan. I was a genius. Why had I not thought of this before?

And about ten minutes later I found out exactly why this was not as genius of a plan as I thought it was.

‘Mom?!?!’ yelled James.

‘What do you need James?’ answered hubby.

‘I want a different movie. Where’s Mom?’

‘Check downstairs. She’s doing laundry,’ hubby replied, buying us about two more minutes.

‘Daaadddd… she’s not downstairs,’ he stated as he frantically wiggled the door knob.

‘Just go watch the movie. I am in the shower… I will be out in a minute,’ hubby pleaded.

So, we pulled off a secretive afternoon romp. Or did we? As I tried to sneak out of my bedroom with a towel wrapped around me, there standing in front of me were two little detectives.

‘Where were you mommy?’

‘I… um… I was… cleaning the closet out.’

‘But we looked for you in here and we didn’t see you. Dad was showering and you weren’t in here.’

‘Ummm… I was cleaning out the back part of the closet. The really dirty hard to get to parts. You must have just not been able to see me because I was way inside the closet.’

I know. Worst answer ever. Seriously, why did I not think this lie through a little bit better? Sometimes a little white lie never hurt anyone. Other times, we need to think them through a little bit better, so we aren’t having to have that conversation earlier than necessary. So to all you moms out there that have ever gotten a little carried away with your little white lies, just to have a little time for yourself, or your marriage…. you are not alone. I am beyond guilty… luckily my kids haven’t figured that one out yet!

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