Am I just another Generation Y Mommy Whiner?

mommy whinerI recently had someone call me a, ‘Generation Y Whiner’, when responding to one of my articles. I am a firm believer that if you post ANYTHING on the internet you need to be completely prepared for ridicule and negative reactions, and so I certainly don’t take anything too personal. Furthermore, some of the most negative reactions I’ve had helped me write some of my best pieces yet. So, I’m not upset at the whole ‘name calling’ response in the slightest. To be honest, I was kind of excited to hear that anyone assumed I was a Generation Y’er to begin with. Especially after someone said to me this month, ‘Oh… I didn’t know you were that young!’ Since I am born slightly after the Generation Y 1980 starting point, I will take any ‘assumptions’ I can get.

Alright, so on with the topic of debate. Am I really just a big whiner? Are mother’s in this generation just whiny and spoiled with a side of entitlement? My article, ‘No one tells you being a mom is going to be this hard’, is what sparked the comment of me being nothing more than a whiner. I guess we’re all supposed to pretend that sleep deprivation and blood curdling crying is AWESOME. Oh, and that we all bond immediately with our bundle of crying, pooping and spitting up bundle of joy.

With that being said, why is it that being honest about our feelings and struggles deserves any sort of name calling at all? I think there are thousands of moms out there that are not only struggling with motherhood, but perhaps are afraid to voice their feelings because they may be called ‘whiners’ or some other guilt crushing name. It’s bad enough we are bestowed with guilt at childbirth, now we have to be afraid to have a voice with fear of being labelled. No wonder so few mothers actually show up at the support groups, they’re probably worried the mother next to them has a bunch of name tags with ‘whiner’ written on them ready to slap them on the back with it. Realistically, most mothers just need a HUGE pat on the back, and nothing else.

And this whole thing about generations is ridiculous. All the past generations of mothers have had their own struggles and demanding responsibilities, just as GenY mothers have. The difference isn’t that any GenY mothers think we have it harder or complain more. The difference is that this generation of mothers, and of women have a voice. We want to be heard. Mothers in this day and age voice our opinion for change. I am not a complainer or a whiner. I am an advocate for honesty amongst mothers. I am a supporter of all moms despite what their challenges might be. I am a voice and I am lucky enough to have a platform to share it. Do we all really think that the mother’s from the baby boomers era and earlier were that different? They too had struggles and thought motherhood was hard. Back then it wasn’t socially acceptable to publicly announce that, ‘Motherhood is hard.’ But guess what? Today it is.

This is my post for any mother who is feeling like she can’t voice her feelings without being called a name or thought of in a negative way. Let’s not move backwards because of a few name callers. There will always be those negative forces that intimidate us all, but today I will tell you that I refuse to question who I am and what I believe. I believe motherhood is hard, and that we should be honest and support one another. And if that means that I am a ‘whiner’, than I will happily wear that name tag, along with something that tells everyone that I am indeed a Generation Y’er (and yes… despite the wrinkles I am that young!).

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Am I just another Generation Y Mommy Whiner? — 8 Comments

  1. Awesome post!! I especially love the end. We shouldn’t back down because other moms don’t get that saying it’s not fun sometimes is OK. I’ve been told I’m extremely negative too. So, this post really resonated with me. Thanks. 🙂

    • I’m so happy to hear that other moms can relate to this. I just think attitudes like that of the person who called me a whiner, are what makes mothers feel isolated and afraid to speak up about their struggles. Thanks for your support and letting me know I’m not alone!

  2. Motherhood is HARD! Imagine keeping it all bottled in??
    Whine away girl- (and then maybe I’ll have a little wine while you’re at it)!!!
    Lhasa***Lhasa’s Lovely Day

    • Thanks! I’ll be sure to not feel bad the next time I go to ‘whine’ about motherhood, knowing that I have such great support from other moms!

  3. The problem is not that one generation is more of a whiner than others. There is a difference in how families operate in this day and age. In our grandparents generation, women generally had extended family who would often help out with the kids/housekeeping or whathaveyou. Parents today tend towards the supermommy myth, where they try to do it all, without asking for help which leads to burnout, frustration and, yes – “whining”. I don’t think any of our forebears where any less prone to hating moments of motherhood, they just had a better support group.

    • Hi Cat, Thanks for the great insight. I agree, the demands of motherhood are very different in today’s age that previous.