Supermoms Who Survive the Flu Season

I used to brag all the time how ‘my’ kids never got sick. There was a whole year that passed a while back where neither of our kids even had a case of the sniffles. I honestly was ignorant enough to think that I was completely responsible for this run of shear luck. These days I’m happy if we go a whole month without someone being sick. And if I brag… it’s normally more along the lines of, ‘you’ll never believe the household plague I survived’.

sick kid

This is James on Christmas morning with a 103 fever. He said, ‘Mom, sorry I’m sick on Christmas.’

As moms, we go through it all when our kids get sick. We wipe fluorescent coloured boogies from noses, sleeves, fingers and sometimes ourselves. We catch vomit in our hands when our child unexpectedly throws up in the restaurant. We make mad dashes to the grocery store bathroom when our child says they might have a ‘bit’ of diarrhea. No one ever has a ‘bit’ of diarrhea.. We clean carpets and change sheets after those long nights when we learn to never say, ‘there can’t possibly be anything left in them’. We wait hours upon hours at the walk-in clinic. I can’t believe that I ever was dense enough to brag to any mother who has gone through all of that…. that my kids never get sick. Let’s be clear here, any mom who survives the cold and flu season, after countless rounds of sickness, is by far the one who deserves bragging rights.

Last year felt like an impossible year for us. It seemed like when James started school, the germs started to set up camp at our house. Every single week someone was sick. Being that I was working part time, I would spend all night up with at least one of the kids, and then turn around and go into work on little to no sleep. And just when I thought we had made it through and survived yet another cold… I would end up sick. It was like the universe was giving me a sick cruel gift. I was able to stay healthy and on top of my game just long enough to nurse everyone… and I do mean everyone (husband included) back to health, only to start with that too familiar sore throat.

We all know that moms don’t get sick days. So the least we can do is cut each other some slack when it comes to the subject of our children being sick. I remember being asked on more than one occasion if I kept hand sanitizer with me in my purse. Or better yet, I was asked if I washed their hands when they got home from school. It was like it was assumed that my kids were getting sick because I wasn’t up and up on basic hygiene. I remember being asked if I made sure they got enough sleep and if they ate lots of fruits and vegetables. I often wanted to respond with, ‘No, I let them stay up all night long eating marshmallows and gummi bears… do you think that’s why they’re sick all the time?’ And I can’t even get too annoyed at any of this, because before last year, I assumed I was some type of supermom that protected my kids from getting sick. Now I know better. I know that despite taking vitamins every day, washing hands, carrying hand sanitizer, getting enough sleep and eating properly… my kids still get sick.

I will never forget the time we all went out for dinner and James looked at me with eyes the size of saucers and said, ‘I’m going to throw – ‘ Yup. He threw up alright. And I cupped my hands and caught it making sure it didn’t go all over the table and the floor. I will always remember the moment when Jocelyn put her hand on her butt and scurried as fast as she could to the bathroom at the grocery store screaming, ‘I have to poo… really, REALLY bad.’ Both of these times I had people ask me why I would take my sick kids out in public in the first place. Okay, seriously? Obviously no one in their right mind would take their flu stricken child out for cheeseburgers or to the market for some produce, if they KNEW they were sick.

I used to think I deserved bragging right because my kids were never sick. I thought I was super mom because I never had to drag my children out to the clinic or experience spontaneous outbursts of the stomach flu in public. But guess what? Now I know who gets to wear the cape. It’s the moms who tirelessly wipe boogery noses and soothe sore throats. It’s the moms who wait those ridiculous hours at the clinic to have a doctor look at their sick child. It’s the mothers who rush to bathrooms and deal with spontaneous vomit both in their homes and in public. To all the moms out there already dealing with this year’s cold and flu season… put on that supermom cape, because you deserve it.


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  1. Ugh. I’m dreading the sickness. We’ve had a long stint without any, so I’m sure it’s coming. But, one of my pet peeves is when someone says (usually someone with no kids or much older kids) “Man. You guys sure do get sick a lot” like it’s somehow my fault!