An exciting day on the radio!

So today was a typical morning in our house. Everyone was full of energy at the crack of dawn, with the exception of me of course. I mean I was up… just not full of energy. After rushing to make an appointment on time and then returning home to children anxious for me to take them to the park, I was lucky enough to catch a segment on the radio about moms judging other moms. As I listened the story sounded way too familiar. It was about a mom who was being judged for going on a ten day vacation without her kids. I sent a quick email to the radio host, the entertaining Lynn Martin, and followed up by calling the show. Within minutes I was on the show talking about the Tell Another Mom site and the mission. I shared my story about once judging another mom for going on vacation, and what I realized once I finally was able to go on my own childless trip. Here is the link to the podcast as well as the blog post about judging another mom who went on vacation.  (it’s the second podcast titled ‘Motherhood Guilt’) (the post about judging moms who go on vacation without their kids!!)


An exciting day on the radio! — 2 Comments

  1. You are so brave!! I would have been terrified to go on the radio. But, I love your mission, and based on my own blog post today, I need to be reading more positivity on the internet, and your blog is always good for that! 🙂

    • Ahh… thanks. I was totally unprepared though. I wish I had known the show was going to be on so I could have thought out what I wanted to say. Oh well, I think it went alright. I aim for positivity, although sometimes a bit of my sarcasm shines through!! LOL