Trying to relax… while on vacation

mission_shirtSo I am trying really hard to relax while up at my parents cottage. With my new shirts coming in the day before I left and emails never-ending, it is easier said than done.

I obviously had to bring up some of my new shirts only because I was so excited to try one on. Naturally, I have worn it every chance I get. I am actually typing this as we speak on my iPhone because I had to share this little story.

me_jojoToday we took the kids up the road to a park on another lake. We got the kids ice cream. James of course dropped his in the sand. As I go up a ridiculously steep hill to get him another I hear Jocelyn screaming. She is in slow motion being launched off some awful tilt a whirl wannabe playground equipment. I yell at hubby to help. These two kind women rush to his rescue and I hurry to get the ice cream and get back down. I can tell from the cry that she is not seriously injured.

As I’m coming down all I can think is how these moms probably think I am some terrible mother who left my child to get ice cream. They look at me and say, ‘hey, you’re a good mom. Great shirt.’ This was my first time out in public wearing it. It felt amazing. I can’t wait for other moms to have the same experience. I couldn’t help but share…even if it means cheating on my vacation just a little.

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