Wear it. Gift it. Share the Tell Another Mom Mission!


I’m so excited to share with everyone that there are now shirts that you can buy for both yourself and other moms to support the Tell Another Mom Mission! I’ll never forget the first time another mom looked at me and said, ‘You’re a good mom.’ It was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. Do you know another mom who is struggling? The ‘I’m a good mom’ shirt is the perfect gift to let them know that you think they are doing a great job. Being a mom is hard work and it’s so important that we support one another and share kind words of inspiration with one another. If you know a ‘Mom-to-be’, why not let them know that you think they are already a great mom by sending them a shirt as a shower gift. Let’s replace judgment with kindness, and share the mission with all the moms in our lives.

Have you ever judged another mom? I have, many times, and that is part of the reason why I started this site. And after just a short time, the blog that I used to vent frustrations and struggles became a community of amazing mothers willing to be honest and support one another. The ‘I’ve joined the Mission’ shirt is a perfect way to let everyone know that you’ve decided to stop judging other moms, and instead offer the support and kindness that we all deserve. I’m so overwhelmed with how many moms have be involved with the Tell Another Mom site, and I’m so excited to have a new way to spread the mission.

Pre-order your shirts today! They will be ready to ship the beginning of September. With one shirt at a time we can start spreading the Tell Another Mom mission worldwide. Thanks to all the moms who have made this possible. I hope you will send me pictures with you in your shirts so that I can see the amazing women who have made this all possible!

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