Food For Thought – Not Judgment


Allison is the proud mama of 2 boys, a Professional Home Economist and writer living in Toronto. She blogs about her journey to sneaking the foods her kids won’t eat into the ones they will at, and is the author of the book ‘Read It with a Grain of Salt – The Truth about Canadian Food Labels from an Industry Insider’. 


Feeding our children seems like a simple task. TV commercials and food company advertisements make it seem easy. There are aisle upon aisle of prepackaged food options in our grocery stores to make our lives easier, and yet since the moment my children started eating solid food it has been the single most difficult task for me to undertake.

I’m not sure if it’s my background in food and nutrition that has manifested a borderline obsessive relationship between myself and the food I feed my children, but I can’t seem to shake the guilt I feel when I’m so tired I have to bring out the KD.

I’m a stay-at-home mom and have the luxury of grocery shopping on weekdays. I can cook during nap times or with my children during the day. Add to that the complexity of working nine to five and I’m not sure what I would do.

I feel like I am constantly being judged for what I feed my children. Snide comments from friends and family, judgmental looks at mommy groups, glances into my grocery cart from other moms at the store. Maybe it’s all in my head, maybe it isn’t, either way I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this one.

It’s time that we all take a step back and stop worrying about what other moms are feeding their children and just focus on what we are feeding our own children. We all do the best that we can for our families. Not every family can afford to buy organic food from the local farm, not every family has a yard where they can grow their own fruits and vegetables, not every family has the time it takes to cook meals from scratch.

You know what your children will eat and what they won’t. My three year old eats anything and everything and my two year old survives on pasta and bread. They both love Goldfish crackers and I don’t deprive them of ‘treats’. People passing judgment don’t feed your children everyday, they don’t have to deal with their picky finicky eating habits, and they definitely don’t have to wipe the food they think they should be eating off the floor when they spit it out.

This past weekend I felt like I needed to hear that I was doing a good job, that my hard work and dedication to preparing wholesome food for my family was appreciated. One snarky comment caused me to lose almost a full night of sleep – which makes for one cranky mommy the next day.

Perhaps you also need to hear that you are doing a great job – that you are a good mom. So here’s some food for thought…Feeding your family the food you can afford, that you know how to prepare, that you feel is the best option, and that your family enjoys eating means that you are doing a great job.  You are a good mom!

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