My Love/Hate Relationship with DIY


Jocelyn’s room unfinished. Notice the colour swatches that we picked out in November.

I remember when we paid someone to come in and paint our living room and kitchen. It was awesome. In two days our main floor was completely revamped. All the prep work, messiness and threatening to divorce one another was completely avoided. I was so happy with our new freshly painted living space. And then came the criticsm. To my surprise I received so many negative comments about us paying someone to do a simple task like painting our living space. You would have thought that I had dipped into my children’s college fund and spent all their birthday money to remodel my house. And although the thought has crossed my mind, I clearly have done nothing of the sort.

So feeling like I was the worst mother in the world, and that I clearly was a huge step behind everyone who loves DIY everything… I vowed to paint my daughter’s bedroom myself. It’s been a neutral jungle theme since before James (my five year old) was born, and now I had a grand plan to turn it into an amazing pink and purple award winning designed room. I was going to do stencils and letter blocks of her name… it was going to look like something right off of pintrest.

Being that my husband knows me far too well, he offered his kind advice that this was a project that I couldn’t possibly fit into my schedule. Naturally, I got annoyed and decided to do it anyways. So this was MY project. I was going to do it. It was going to be AMAZING.

I picked out the colours with Jocelyn for her room in November. Yes… I said NOVEMBER. I started to strip the wallpaper border off the walls in February. And here we are… with a room half brown and beige still, with wallpaper remnants all over the floor, a dresser pulled out from the wall, and of course the odd hole still to be filled. It is AUGUST, and I’m nowhere close to having her room painted, let alone stenciling any crap on the walls or drilling wooden letters up. This whole project has taught me many things…

1. DIY projects are great… but only if you have the time to both start and finish them.

2. Only the pictures of the DIY projects that actually turn out get posted to the internet. I’m sure there are a ridiculous number of moms out there that refuse to post pictures of their project having turned into a colossal failure. I for one am one of them.

3. Anyone who tells you that wallpapering is a cute or good idea are perhaps related to satan himself.

4. Again… I should have kept the name of the woman at Toys R’ Us that told me that it was easy to remove the cute jungle wallpaper border she sold me. I could have hunted her down and had her come and remove this god awful wallpaper paste from my walls.

5. Guilt should never inspire us to take on projects we can’t possibly finish without completely losing our minds.
6. Moms who actually post those awesome pictures of finished projects are freaking amazing… unless of course they were the ones critisizing me for paying someone to paint my house.

7. Moms who would rather stab themselves in the eye than have anything to do with DIY projects… are not alone. Perhaps we could start a support group for one another. First meeting will be at my house… bring wallpaper stripper.

So to all the moms out there who have ever been guilted into doing a project they simply knew they could not possibly finish, you’re not alone. The next time you find yourself asking a mom if she’s ever thought of doing a project herself, make sure you are prepared to go over and strip wallpaper off of walls with her. And if you find yourself being guilted into doing anything… stop yourself before it’s too late. Pick up the phone and ask for help… even if it does mean the kids might have a less for their education fund. Just kidding of course.


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  1. When I see pictures on pinterest of incredibly time-intesive DIY projects that moms do, I just remind myself, there is either a nanny in the other room, or a giant disaster of messy kids who might possibly be injuring themselves, or kids that watch insane amounts of TV. That always makes me feel better. 🙂