Today will remind me forever of why I tell my kids I love them every day

Today I was driving to a friend’s house when I was reminded why it is so important that we tell our loved ones daily how much we love them. Before I left the house the kids wanted multiple hugs and then of course when I got to the car they yelled, ‘Kiss! You didn’t give us kisses.’ I have to admit that I was slightly annoyed at how long it was taking me to finally get on my way. But, nonetheless, I returned for more hugs and kisses and told them I loved them. I mean, really, being held up for more hugs and kisses is not the end of the world. If ever there is a lesson to be learned, today was one I’ll never forget…

As I drive on the expressway I think about my little munchkins and how I will take them swimming later in the afternoon. As I make plans in my head, I signal to turn at the upcoming light. Of course I just miss the turn light and the car in front of me stops. I go to brake. My pedal loosely goes right to the floor. My heart starts to pound harder. I brake again. I don’t slow down. Oh my god… my brakes aren’t working. I am going to hit this car in front of me going 90 km/hr. I push my four ways on and honk my horn. I have less than a second to decide what to do. I swerve to the right, honk again, and pull into the lane next to me. The fast moving traffic scatters and some of the cars are pushed off the road to avoid me. Miraculously no one is hit. There is no where to pull over because of all the construction going on. Wait a minute… are my brakes working again? Have I completely lost my mind? I pull off the next exit at a snails pace. I receive many warm and friendly middle fingers. Apparently they didn’t get the memo as to what one’s flashing emergency four ways means. I go to stop at the light and I am surprised again with that whole ‘no brakes’ thing. I manage to pull over to the curb and safely turn off the van.

I am trembling. My hands are shaking. I think about my kids. I try not to imagine what could have happened but I can’t help but to think of them losing me. I think of those last few hugs and kisses and how important they were. I start to cry as I remind myself that this is why I tell my kids and hubby that I love them every single day. I pick up my cell phone and dial home. With my voice quivering I tell my husband what happened. I keep it together and tell him I love him and I will see him soon. When I see him pull up with my little ones in the back, I am overwhelmed with emotion. I love them so much. My mind starts to wander as I think of what could have happened if the kids had been with me. The tow truck shows up and our day carries on. We swim. We laugh. I give time outs. The kids don’t listen. I feel exhausted. It’s a normal day to them. But to me, it’s the day that will remind me forever of why I tell my kids I love them every day.

So I share this story with you not to be preachy, but to remind you of those little moments that are so easy to pass up. I almost didn’t go back this morning for those extra kisses because I was running late. To all the moms who are ever faced with this same scenario, go back for the kisses… because you never know what curve balls might be thrown your way.


Today will remind me forever of why I tell my kids I love them every day — 4 Comments

  1. So grateful you’re ok. I think this might mean we always run at your place 😉

  2. Thanks everyone. Turns out it was the hydraulics… Not that that means anything to me! Lol