Give Kate Middleton a break already.

Pregnant KateI can’t help but wonder what is going through Kate Middleton’s head right now. I remember how daunting the weeks leading up to my deliveries were, and I didn’t have to deal with the entire world sticking their nose in my business. I can’t believe the topic of debate is not only if she will breastfeed but whether or not she will do so in public? Why does everything have to be about making a statement? Furthermore why does anyone really care?

Regardless if you are royalty or not there is always going to be someone judging your decisions. I give Kate a lot of credit because she has manages to take it all in stride. If that was me I would have marched out onto the balcony of Buckingham Palace and illustrated what being ‘hormonal’ really looks like by some sort of obscene gesture.

It seems like we are all waiting around to see what ‘Kate’ does so that we can define it as being the new ‘acceptable’. If Kate breastfeeds in public then it must be socially acceptable for us all to do it. If Kate formula feeds her baby than perhaps it will send a message to other moms that this is a more reasonable option. Why do we weigh so many of our decisions on what other moms do?

Talk about pressure. Could you imagine? The entire world is waiting… watching… ready to tweet and message about every single detail surrounding your first born child. I can only imagine how I would have come across to others as I fumbled as a first time mom. And on top of it all she doesn’t just have in-law’s to tell her what they think… she has an entire royal family that sets boundaries for her.

When I think about some of my biggest mommy blunders, I don’t even want to think about how the paparazzi would present them if Kate made the same mistakes. I’m sure she would be on the front page of every tabloid if she was caught picking up a soother off the ground, dragging her child out of a store kicking and screaming or forgetting to put the brake on the stroller only to have it slowly roll away on her. And if her royal child ever fell off or out of ANYTHING could you see the headline?  ‘Kate’s irresponsible behaviour causes innocent child to fall’.

This post is for Kate. Show the girl some love. I know she is royalty and you may not feel bad for her because she is entitled to many luxuries that we many not have had as mothers. But one thing she does have in common with all of us moms out there, is that she is and will continue to be judged. Let’s cut her some slack and as mother’s support her in ALL her decisions whether we agree with them or not. When she announces the birth of her child, let’s show her some love with our posts, tweets and messages. Tell another mom that she is a good mom…  royalty or not she needs to hear those kind words too!

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