Step away from the INSANE PARTY PLANNING… and the pony.

birthdaypartyI have spent so much time, money and energy on parties for our kids. I’m not exactly sure when I took the plunge into the insanity pool of planning top notch birthday parties, but I can tell you I am officially done with ‘DIY amazing kid parties’. I’m sure you have been there… scouring the internet trying to find SOMETHING that will perhaps keep you in line with all the other perfectly planned parties you’ve been too. It’s really become ridiculous. There is so much wasted on entertaining OTHER people to celebrate our children’s special events. Meanwhile, half the time our kids end up having major meltdowns and refusing to participate in all of our ‘planned’ events anyways. And why is it that we make up loot bags for everyone else’s kids when our kids aren’t even old enough to figure out why all these strange people are forcing them to wear an annoying birthday bib and cone shaped hat? And if you’ve ever considered renting a pony, please stop yourself now. Step away from the computer and simply go to your local grocery store, buy a slab cake and slap some dollar store balloons on the wall.

I’ve been wanting to write a post about this for a while, and it has actually been suggested more than once. I think I was struggling because I hadn’t yet thrown in the towel. Deep down I still wanted to throw picture perfect parties for my kids that looked like pintrest threw up all over my house. And then I had an ‘end of the year’ party for James. Yes… you heard me right. I was feeling a little guilty for taking him out of school for the last week to go camping. The result? Eight wild and out of control five year olds destroying my house and making me question my own sanity.

It started off as just a little crazy. I made really cute custom invitations with hotdogs on them and then sent them home with each of the invited kids from James’s class. I figured with it being a holiday weekend only half would come. WRONG. Each and EVERY single kid replies that they can make it. James is ecstatic. I am stressed. Did I mention that the party was planned the day after we got home from our camping trip? I spend all day cleaning our disaster of a house in case one of the moms decides to stay. Then, I set up a bouncy castle on the front lawn. Yes… this is where you can identify me as ‘that mom’… the crazy one who throws an end of the year party with custom hotdog invitations and then proceeds to set up an ‘accident waiting to happen’ on her front lawn.

The kids arrive and everything is going great until they get tired of the bouncy castle. On to the ‘clown’ game. I have plywood that has been painted with clowns on it with holes for the nose and mouth that you throw bean bags in. (Just for the record I didn’t make this specifically for this party, although it is crazy I even have them). This is where it all turns bad. The kids turn into something off of a horror movie. It’s like they are suddenly possessed and their heads are on the verge of spinning around. They are whipping the bean bags everywhere and have absolutely no respect for authority. Okay… there were a few listeners, but they were lost in all the madness that was going on. After threatening to call every kid’s parents, the little monsters respond with, ‘I don’t have to listen to you.’ ‘You’re not my mom’ and ‘This party sucks’. These are five year olds!!! My son eventually starts crying that no one is listening and gets whacked in the face with a bean bag. WORST. PARTY. EVER.

Long story short, after one of the kids starts hitting my hubby in the stomach and telling him that he is a ‘fatso’… it’s time to call for backup. I phone my mom to come over to help while hubby barbeques. I resort to putting teenage mutant ninja turtles on and my mom and I referee while karate moves sporadically come about. Apparently they aren’t tired from the half hour obstacle course I made them all do. Finally, after three long never ending hours, the parents pick up their kids. Hallelujah. I have lived to tell about the worst party ever.

The next time you are thinking of throwing the most amazing party of all time for your child, take a step back. Remember what you may think is necessary, may in fact be the most insane idea thought up… EVER.  Your child isn’t going to remember all the craziness you did to make their party ‘perfect’, they’re just going to know that you made them feel special by even having a celebration. And finally, if you are like me in the fact that it has taken you YEARS to figure this all out… don’t worry you still have another decade of parties to make up for it.


Step away from the INSANE PARTY PLANNING… and the pony. — 3 Comments

  1. I agree, party planning has gone way, way, WAY overboard for some moms! I admit that for a time this was an area I was guilty of comparing myself to others in but now I feel lucky if I remember cake, ice cream, and plates…oh and Invitations! 🙂

  2. First I just want to say I LOVE your blog!!!! EVERY article!!!!!
    This post is so true, I just needed to hear it from another mom. And perfect timing since I’m in the process of planning my twins’ third birthday party.

    • Thanks for the compliment. Wow twin three year olds. Good luck with that birthday party!!! 😉 Whatever you do… don’t rent a pony!!! LOL