A Mom’s Breaking Point is not always Pretty!

This past weekend I took the kids mini-golfing as a special treat. Hole after hole I broke up fights over who was going to go first and who ‘won’ the hole. After about ten minutes I notice another family join in the fun with their two young boys. Although my kids were bordering on bad behaviour… these two boys made my munchkins look like little angels. They were kicking, name calling and fighting from the get go. After a few moments I heard the mom totally lose it when one of the little boys hit the other with a golf club. ‘That’s it… little boys who hit each other with golf clubs end up going straight to hell!!’ As I tried not to let my jaw hit the ground, I looked over to see the boys totally unphased and chasing each other with golf clubs. I began to judge this mother for this horrible comment, but I stopped myself because I think at some point or another we all have our breaking points, and they aren’t always pretty.

Now I’m not saying I think it’s okay to condemn children to hell… not at all. Realistically if I ever said that to my kids, they would probably snottily tell me that Jesus was going to kick my butt. Honestly though, I have had my own breaking points, both at home and in public. Those moments where you are no longer yourself, but a raging lunatic with no regard for any onlookers that are shooting daggers at you with their eyes.

I once lost my cool when I was shopping after the holiday season. I screamed hysterically at the kids that Santa was going to fly back with his sled and take back every single present he left for them and give them to little boys and girls that weren’t such snotty brats. Yes… you heard me, I played the evil ‘Santa’ card as well as including a little name calling. This was only after Jocelyn had tried jumping out of the grocery cart and James was throwing a temper tantrum over not getting fruit roll ups. I was totally oblivious to the onlookers wondering if indeed I had lost my mind and they should perhaps intervene.

One very famous mommy meltdown in my household is the time I went off the deep end while we were hiking during one of our camping trips. Jocelyn got about twenty minutes into it and threw herself on the ground refusing to go any further. Naturally, the ‘men’ had walked ahead on their mission to find birds, insects and cool nature stuff. I carried her kicking and screaming until I finally lost it and told her that she was ruining ‘everything’. My husband refers to this as my ‘mommy temper tantrum’.

I love and adore my children, and I totally wish I could have ‘take-backs’, but unfortunately they don’t hand those out to you once you’ve become a mother. The only thing we can do is apologize for our mistakes and tell our kids we love them ALL THE TIME. So getting back to my moment of judgment with the mom at the mini-golf course… we all lose it sometimes, but it’s what we do after we’re wrong that truly matters. I could write an entire article on how ‘wrong’ it is to condemn your kids to hell…. and judge this mother all day long. Instead I’d rather say that as moms I think we all have ‘breaking points’, and it’s okay to be wrong as long as we can share with our kids that moms make mistakes too.  To all the moms who’ve ever lost it and wanted a ‘take-back’… know that I certainly will try my hardest not to shoot evil looks at you while picking my jaw up off the ground.


A Mom’s Breaking Point is not always Pretty! — 2 Comments

  1. You had such a thoughtful reaction to that. I probably would have gone home and told that story on Facebook or something! You’re right, though. I’ve certainly said things to my daughter at my breaking point that I am ashamed of.