Who decides what’s inappropriate these day anyways???


My extremely confident daughter, Jocelyn.

The other day when I was at the local swimming pool with Jocelyn (my three year old), I realized that others may have a different opinion of what behaviour is deemed ‘inappropriate’. Some older ladies at the pool made it pretty clear that they were quite disgusted with my parenting guidelines….

Jocelyn walks out onto the pool deck with the confidence of an olympic athlete. She puts her life jacket on and struts into the pool like she is indeed going to show everyone a thing or two. With her ears submerged under water she yells at me, ‘How’s this mommy?’ I respond that she’s doing great. After screaming ‘WHAT?!?’ a few times she finally hears me commend her for her swimming, along with everyone else at the pool. She continues to swim and yell loudly for all the senior aqua fitness class to hear.

‘Hey sexy lady…. whoop whoop whoop whoop… Opa Gandam style… Hey sexy lady…. whoop whoop…’ she belts out at the top of her lungs. If looks could kill, the older women would have buried me ten feet deep. As I try to silence my singing superstar, she argues with me that she’s just singing. ‘What’s wrong with singing mommy?’ Hmm… how do I deal with this. I know she has no idea what the word ‘sexy’ means… so is it really that inappropriate? As I continue to get glares from all the women in the pool, I decide that I am not going to silence my singing daughter. What some people deem as ‘inappropriate’, I see as innocent singing.

She continues her American Idol audition throughout our hour long swimming time. I receive many evil eyes and one woman even has the nerve to put her finger to her lips and ‘shhh!’ my daughter. She sings everything from ‘twinkle twinkle’ to ‘I DON’T CARE… I love it’ to ‘Itsy Bitsy spider’ and then ends with her own rendition of Katy Perry’s ‘Wide Awake’. I obviously have destroyed the cd of ‘Elmo’s Favourite Car Ride Tunes’ and replaced it with the radio.

She gets out of the pool and is quite proud of all her swimming accomplishments and singing tributes. I get her dried off and go to get my own towel. I look over and she is now dancing around shaking her little butt as much as physically possible to her rendition of ‘I like to move it move it.’ All the old ladies are pointing and are clearly unimpressed. They see an inappropriate little girl that will inevitably grow up to be a stripper, and an irresponsible mother with no moral compass. I am no longer mortified… I am proud. My daughter isn’t inappropriate… she is independent, confident and has self esteem that I only wish I had.

One day I will explain to my daughter why the word ‘sexy’ is inappropriate. But until then I would much rather show up at the pool with my daughter, her amazing singing and killer dance moves. To all the moms out there that have ever received shameful looks because their child was acting ‘inappropriate’… know you are not the only one. I’m sure I will continue to get judgmental looks and glares for the next fifteen years, but the fact of the matter is I’m too busy raising a strong and confident daughter to worry about what others think is ‘inappropriate’.


Who decides what’s inappropriate these day anyways??? — 4 Comments

  1. Yeah! Go Girl!! Love the story!! Sometimes I think you might get envious looks… Other moms might admire your coolness!

  2. Love the insight as to WHAT is really important. (There are so many of these moments in parenting!)