Things I swore I would never do as a mother…

This morning, as I walked my son to the bus stop in my pyjama pants, I realized something… we all do things we swore we would never do. I remember watching a previous neighbour come out of her house in her housecoat and walk her child to the corner and I swore I would never become ‘that mom’. Well… my once judgmental self can now confess, ‘I am that mom’. The funny thing is that I think as moms we all swear we won’t do one thing or another… but really it’s just another passive way of judging or categorizing moms. I’m embarrassed to say that I had such a long ‘I’m never going to be that mom’ list… but here are the things I swore I would never do:

Milk myself like a cow. Before I had my son, I swore I would never use the torturous device we all know as a breast pump. I would say things like ‘cows are meant to be milked… not me’. Yet, after an awful month of breast feeding, there was my poor husband standing in front of the breast pump aisle with me desperately yelling at him through his cell phone to ‘just buy me a pump and get home!!!’. I pumped for three months and honestly I became a bit addicted to the calorie burning milk pumping machine. Who knew I would come to appreciated the dreaded breast pump?

Wear my pyjamas or housecoat outside. So I’m not sure if I’ve ever worn my pyjamas to a store yet… but I wouldn’t be surprised. Sometimes I am so busy taking care of everyone else I totally forget that I look like a disaster. I’m sure my neighbours have ‘names’ for the crazy lady who walks to the end of the driveway in her housecoat and to the bus stop in her p.j’s. The fact is… on my days off I want to ease into the day in my PYJAMA’S and I don’t really care about any judgment that might come my way.

Buy a minivan. I think many moms, like myself,  swear they will never buy a minivan. Yet here I am with my minivan that I love to fill with kids, strollers and junk. The other day I went to put my groceries in the back and there was no room despite having the seats put down. It had a wagon, sled, stroller and a box of good will clothes in the back. I never thought I’d have a minivan and I certainly couldn’t have imagined I would be able to fill it with so much crap. It’s definitely not cool… but who am I kidding, neither am I.

Bribe my kids. Before having my second child, I never thought I would need to ‘bribe’ my  kids. I always thought that by enforcing discipline, there would be no need to use bribery. Then came Jocelyn. My time was cut in half, my patience thinned, and my workload doubled. The fact is bribery became easier than discipline. I don’t use it all the time… but considering I swore I would never resort to this, it’s pretty humorous to see me negotiate with timbits.

Allow more than half hour of TV. This one is by far the one that I look back at and laugh at the most. I still find it funny when I read articles and hear moms that condone letting kids watch too much television. I don’t how I could survive without a little Caillou in the afternoon. I honestly have a love/hate relationship with the show. The show drives me crazy with all the whining and crying that kid does, yet my daughter loves it and will watch it from start to finish. I can get 2 loads of laundry folded, dinner prepped and maybe even my floors cleaned. I could pay a nanny to help me out, or I could put Caillou on for an hour in the afternoon. The decision is a no brainer.

The reality of it all is that as moms we are continuously evolving and modifying what works for us. If there is one thing I’ve learned as a mom, it’s to never say never. If you see one mom doing it, it probably means there’s a method to the madness. Right or wrong, we all find our own way… even if it means doing something we swore we would never do. To all the moms find yourselves doing something you swore you would never do, know that you are not alone… and that it’s okay break your own rules. After all, our kids break rules every day so why can’t we?


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  1. I love that Janet. Yup, the screen time is your friend. Sometimes we even put Netflix on the iPhone when kids are melting down at a restaurant (gasp!). I’m also in the same boat on the bribery, number one was no doubt happy to have number two around for this major reason.