Salmon burgers from a box… what was I thinking?!?

This past week I made a real effort to make healthy meals for everyone. We normally eat about half fresh planned meals and the other half ends up being ‘oh crap… what’s in the freezer for dinner’. Naturally the more thought out healthy dinners land on days that I’m not working.

As I walked through the grocery store on a mission to find some nutritious options that were quick and convenient, I stumbled upon something I had yet to try… salmon burgers. Hmmm… this seemed like a great option. The kids love cheeseburgers and they also enjoy when we bbq up salmon filets. If you can’t see where this is going I will spell it out for you… I ended up proudly purchasing ‘healthy low fat salmon burgers’ for the family to try.

The idea that this ‘so-called’ healthy food option was in a ‘box’ should have been the first giveaway that this was truly a very bad idea. Also the fact that the box said ‘60% less fat than our BIG & JUICY beef burgers’ made me feel that perhaps the salmon burger was not going to go over as well as the typical cheeseburger does in our house. I ignored all the red flags, fired up the bbq and excitedly told the family that dinner would be ready shortly.

After watching the patties cook on the grill and smelling no signs of appetizing aromas I immediately began to worry that perhaps my healthy eating experiment was going to be a disaster. I brought the burger inside only to be met with noses curled up and a slight amount of disdain, ‘Those aren’t burgers!!! I don’t want that. What are those anyways?!?!’

After forcing the kids to try them, having them spit out half eaten food and beg me for something else, I finally gave in. My healthy meal had failed and I was now right back to where I started, serving up chicken fingers and fries. As I forced myself to eat this truly AWFUL salmon burger that I ended up slathering with mayonaise, I realized that I can only do so much. I can’t possibly cook healthy organic meals, that supposedly only take ‘twenty minutes’ to make, every night of the week. And clearly, good tasting healthy food does not come from a box. The key to teaching the kids about nutrition and really anything in life is balance. Apparently I have not yet learned this lesson myself.

To all you moms out there that read all these wonderful websites and magazines about how to feed your family healthy meals… don’t worry if you feel like you just can’t manage. I can’t. I do the best that I can and if that means having a good old fashioned cheeseburger or a frozen pizza every once and a while… than oh well, so be it. Please don’t torture your family with store bought salmon burgers because you feel like you have failed on the healthy meal planning. Give yourself a break… do what works and maybe pick up a few extra vegetables to go on the side if you’re feeling really guilty about it all. Providing healthy meals for a busy family is not an easy task. Struggling or not, if you’re trying… you’re a good mom and deserve a pat on the back and maybe even some extra cheese on your burger too!


Salmon burgers from a box… what was I thinking?!? — 4 Comments

  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve bought the same crappy boxed salmon burgers and they were a disaster! It is hard..and my kids are so young and so picky. I do hope it gets better. Just to have the baby be able to tell me when he’s hungry and what he likes or dislikes. So much food on the floor! Anyway, I needed this. I was feeling down about meal prep.

    • Glad the post helped you feel a bit better. What my kids love one day, they hate the next. Oh well… all we can do is try right?

  2. At least you eat at a reasonable time, as a family. Most nights, my son eats “kid food” on his own at normal dinner time. Then my husband and I eat around 10:30, usually sitting on the couch.

    • Timing of family meals is crazy in our house too. Some days we eat at 4pm so we can all sit down together, other days it’s 7pm. THe kids never seems to be hungry cause I’ve thrown so many snacks at them in the meantime. I guess the figure they better fill up on snacks because they might end up getting some awful salmon burger for dinner!! LOL