Is that my son pooping under the playground?!?!

So this past weekend I met with a good friend of mine who has kids that are the same age as James and Jocelyn. We always get a good laugh at the things are kids say and do, and better yet the way we react to them. As we shared how we spent our Mother’s Day weekend, she told me a story that I just couldn’t keep to myself. With her permission of course, here is a great story about how she survived a very embarrassing mother’s day present…

It was a busy day for my friend and her two boys, the first baseball tournament of the year, a never ending parade and a long break until the awards ceremony. Oh, and of course it was Mother’s Day weekend. It was a beautiful day and it only made sense to go to the park at the marina so that the boys, aged 3 and 5, could play and burn some energy before their next game. Naturally, being a small town, this was the same idea the rest of the moms had in mind as well. The park was packed.

As the boys played, she caught up with some family and friends and enjoyed the nice breeze and warm sun. It was a beautiful day. Until that is… she looked over and saw her youngest son squatting in the sand under the playground. Oh god… is he doing what I think he’s doing? She hurried over to her son, only to realize that he had indeed just pooped at the park. Oh, and just in case you think I’m implying he pooped his pants, think again. He pooped in the sand. Under the playground. On Mother’s Day.

While  all the moms stared and pointed while their jaws hit the ground, my friend quickly grabbed a wipe and reached down and picked up the giant dump in the sand. If the humiliation of picking up poop wasn’t enough for her, next she had to pick her son up and carry him bare ass to the port-a-potty to do an industrial style clean up. With her head held high and her face beet red, she returned to the park and continued to enjoy her afternoon. She looked down at her phone and noticed a missed text message. It read as follows, ‘Kudos to you for hand picking up your son’s poop from the playground 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day!’ Who was this kind text from? An acquaintance and mom who happened to have my friend’s phone number in her address book. She had obviously witnessed the whole thing and instead of judging her or avoiding eye contact, this mom reached out to show her support.

The fact of the matter is, our kids do things that embarrass us all the time. The best way to get through it is to keep your head held high and know that we all go through it at one time or another. And maybe, if you’re lucky, there will be another mom kind enough to send you a simple text message to let you know that you aren’t kicked off their playdate list. To all the moms who have experienced their kid crapping at the park… you’re doing a great job. And if you actually picked it up instead of covering it up with more sand… you’re amazing!


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    • I laughed so hard at my friend’s story and then even harder when we actually joked about had there been no one there would she still have picked it up!! I’m sure most moms would do the good and decent thing of doing so… but it’s still kind of funny to laugh about ridiculous scenarios like this. Glad you liked it… hope you and I both never have to pick up poop for the park. 😉