Accidents happen… even when you are actually watching your kids.

So I’ve had many comments and emails from moms who feel tremendously guilty about this little thing called ‘accidents’. I remember hearing a mom outside of one of my son’s preschool classes boast that her kids don’t experience accidents because she’s always watching them really good. As much as I wanted to take this woman’s head and shove it in the toilet while flushing repeatedly…. I simply said, ‘My son broke his collarbone by jumping on to an exercise ball. And guess what? I watched the whole thing happen in slow motion.’ That shut her up pretty quick.

As I looked around and saw all the other moms smirking just a little, while this other woman squirmed uncomfortably, I knew one thing for certain – they all had kids that have had ‘accidents’. I can guarantee you most of the other moms out there have had their kids have fall off/out of at least one of the following: change tables, beds, high chairs, grocery carts, couches, stairs, bumbo’s or strollers. There is also a very good possibility that their kids have choked on something, stuck a foreign object somewhere it’s not supposed to be, got excessively sun burnt, pinched a finger or two in a door, and probably whacked their heads on a sharp edged table or counter. Don’t kid yourself… those child proofing kits are a waste of money.

The thing is… no one ever intends for their children to get hurt, that’s what makes them ‘accidents’. Half the time I have no idea how my kids even managed to obtain their bump, bruise or cut, until I hear the elaborate story of how it happened. Amazing how so much can occur when you simply turn your head for a minute or run to answer the phone. So, I find it hilarious that moms are so quick to judge one another based on their children’s accidents. Why else do you think you rarely hear moms talk about their children falling from various danger zones? Rather than be honest, we’re so worried that moms will judge us, we simply wallow in our guilt.

Instead of telling you that you should let go of your guilt and be honest with other moms, I’m going to start what I hope will be a chain reaction. My daughter fell out of the trailer. She also managed to fall out the front of the stroller after she undid her belt and shimmied her way beneath the tray.  My son stuck a grape stem up his nose, and a rock in his ear (not at the same time, thank goodness). He also rolled off one of the benches in the camper in like less than a second flat. As mentioned already, he did a superman jump across the room onto an exercise ball only to be launched across the room and land on the floor breaking his collarbone. Oh… and he also got a tick burrowed into his ear that I failed to notice for 3 days. Yes.. that is right, you heard me… a tick.

So the next time you hear a mom boast that ‘her kids’ don’t have accidents, know this, she’s either flat out lying or she seriously needs to buy a lottery ticket. So to all you moms out there that are wallowing in your own guilt because your kids fell or hurt themselves when you weren’t looking… you’re a good mom. Accidents happen. That’s why they’re called accidents… no one intends for them to happen. Just be sure to keep that first aid kit stocked for next time, unless of course you’re like the woman who’s kids never hurt themselves. In that case, sit back, relax and enjoy dumb luck while it lasts.


Accidents happen… even when you are actually watching your kids. — 6 Comments

  1. Last night at the dance studio a whole group of us mothers, and the child’s grandmother, watched a little girl do a carwheel, fall and dislocate her elbow. It was horrible to watch! We were only a few feet away and she was taking class from a trained gymnast! Accidents are accidents, we can do what we can to prevent them but we can’t keep them wrapped in bubble wrap! Scrapes and cuts and even broken bones are part of life.

    • Oh my… what a horrible thing to watch!! I agree that scrape, cuts etc. are just part of life. I’m just finally starting to realize that guilt does nothing to prevent the next accident and that bubble wrap isn’t a practical solution!! LOL 😉

  2. Love this! When my middle child was just 6 months old I had him strapped in his bouncy seat chair on top of the kitchen table while I cooked dinner. On top of the table was my mistake. I was watching him constantly, talking to him while he bounced away as I cooked. I never noticed his chair was bouncing closer and closer to the edge of the table. I turned my back for no more than 10 secs then I heard a thud behind me and then ear piercing screaming. He had bounced his way right off the table and landed face down still strapped in his seat! Of course at the time my husband was on his way home from work, and in a no service area for cell so I couldn’t get a hold of him. My car was in the shop so I panicked and called 911. lol I was so freaked out the ent’s were trying to calm me down! Anyway, we get to the hospital, he had xrays done, all he had was a bump and a bruise on the side of his head. I felt horrible and still feel guilt over that and that was 9 years ago! lol

    • Thanks so much for sharing your story with everyone. I thought that perhaps I was the only one who had kids falling off things!!! I’m glad your son was okay… how scary. I think the ear piercing screaming is what I remember the most when my son broke his collarbone. It’s always that split second that the accidents occur. I feel guilty that I didn’t stop my son from jumping off the couch, even though I had no idea he would launch himself across the room with the exercise ball. I’ll stop feeling guilty if you stop feeling guilty. 😉