The moment I will celebrate this Mother’s Day

I thought it would be rather uncanny to have a blog about motherhood and then write nothing about Mother’s Day. So I’ve thought long and hard about what to write, and it’s been quite the struggle. I could write about how Mother’s Day often ends up causing us moms more work to entertain the whole idea of family gatherings and celebrations. Or, I could write about how much I adore my kids and all the cute things they do to let me know they love me. I could also write about my own mother and the lessons I have learned from her. But instead, I’ve decided to write about one single moment.

After hours of pain, exhaustion, anxiety and unexpected road bumps… the moment finally occurred. I was now a mother and it was by far the most powerful and emotional experience in my life to date. I had no idea how that one moment would impact my life forever. In the years to come, that one single moment paved the way for me to experience joy, tears, frustration, laughter, anxiety, fear, responsibility and pride. When I looked into my son’s eyes and heard his healthy lungs belt out for everyone to hear, I had no idea I would look back and treasure that exact moment so dearly.

Motherhood really does change everything for a woman. We often celebrate all the perfect, what I like to call ‘warm and fuzzy’, parts of being a mom. But for me, I want to take this opportunity to celebrate what being a mom means to me. It means being happy that my kids are both healthy. It means feeling overwhelmed with sadness when I see my children struggle or hurt themselves. Motherhood is hiding your uncontrollable laughter when food is thrown across the dinner table and hits someone smack in the nose. It’s having the most responsibility you’ve ever felt, and knowing that you will forever be depended on. Being a mom has kept me up at night fearing the unknown… and praying that everything will be okay. It’s left me furious and using up every ounce of self control, when my ‘mommy authority’ is brushed off like some sort of random annoyance. Motherhood has brought me more pride than I thought you could ever feel about another human being. It has left me constantly questioning myself and wondering if I am indeed still a sane person. It’s given me memories that I can look back on forever and simply smile about for an eternity.

So many of us think of Mother’s Day as a time to celebrate our own moms, or to allow our children to honour us in some way. When I struggled about what to write, it dawned on me that I want to recognize something of my own. As much as I love the cards and the handmade presents my kids make for me every year, I want to make this Mother’s Day about something more than appreciation. This year I will celebrate a single moment… one that brings me a mixed variety of emotions daily. That moment is when I looked into my son’s eyes and realized that I indeed was now a Mom. To all the moms out there… celebrate whatever moment is near and dear to your heart, after all… it is your day. Happy Mother’s Day!


The moment I will celebrate this Mother’s Day — 2 Comments

  1. I like that idea. Celebrating a moment or moments that define us…for me it would be hugs and “I love you’s” at unexpected times, or spending one on one time with one child and learning stuff that you wouldn’t have gotten from them in a million years when everyone else is around. Happy Mother’s Day to you. Glad Angela recommended your blog!