Motherhood never gets left behind… even on vacations.

janet_irelandSo for those of you who don’t know this, I’ve been gone for about a week on my first vacation without my kids. I visited a friend in Ireland for my birthday and traveled completely solo. I thought it would feel weird traveling without my little monsters, and it was… but I have to say, at no point was my mind really without them. I feel truly blessed that my husband gave me this wonderful gift and supported me by allowing me to travel solo… however I’m not sure I was ever really alone.

As I sat on the plane awaiting my eight hour flight to Dublin, I felt oddly comforted by the screaming children trying to send their parents into full blown insanity. I was happy that they were not sitting directly behind me, however it made me think about travelling with my own little ones. I was able to sleep for four hours straight… until a very cranky and tired little boy decided it would be hilarious to slap me on my head as he strolled past me. I jumped up and heard a very quiet ‘I’m sorry’  mumbled by a clearly embarrassed mother. It reminded me of the never ending list of ‘embarrassing moments’ that I endure while in accompanying my children pretty much anywhere.

I thought about my son when I went surfing and how he would absolutely have loved it. Every time I saw a magpie (a type of bird we do not have in Canada), I got excited because I knew that my son would have be fascinated with this odd looking bird. As we biked across one of the Aran Islands, I kept seeing families riding with their little ones. I couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of my daughter biking this long trek and the temper tantrum that I’m sure she would eventually have had. While I leaned over the highest scariest cliff I’ve ever seen in my life, I thought about how I would have most definitely had a heart attack if my kids had even come remotely close the edge. Even while I was enjoying a nice cold pint of beer, I thought of how weird it would be to endure a hangover with no little ones poking at me.

When I left for my vacation, I thought that I was leaving motherhood behind. I really did plan on going and thinking only of myself for once. The funny thing is that when I got there, that was the last thing I wanted to do. The biggest thing I learned from this trip is that I am a mom, and that will never change… nor do I want it to. I will always think about my kids regardless of if they are with me or not. They have imprinted on me something that is so special and amazing, I can truly never live without… motherhood. I had a great trip and I really enjoyed my freedom and seeing the beautiful country of Ireland. I got to do and see things that I definitely could not have done with small children. I have many great posts coming up that this trip has inspired me to write about, and I can’t wait to share them with you. But… I need to get over some serious jet lag first. To all the moms out there that are worried about leaving motherhood behind on your next trip… don’t worry, you will realize that your kids will be with you no matter where you go!


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