Yes… my butt jiggles sometimes.

Jocelyn acting as my audience for my morning shower.

Jocelyn acting as my audience for my morning shower.

So showering these days in private does not seem to happen very often. With my husband’s shift work, the mornings usually consist of me trying to pull off a five minute shower, with the door open, praying that there are no loud bangs or high pitched screams. More often than not, I hear the little pitter patter of footsteps and get to wash in front of an audience of tough critics.

The other morning, my three year old decided that she would let me know exactly what she thought of my naked body in the shower.

‘Eew… that’s gross. Your butt is jiggling,’ Jocelyn yells.

‘That’s not very nice Jocelyn,’ I respond, while the two kids giggle and point.

‘Your butt is jiggling and you’re not even moving! Why is it doing that?!?’ my son chimes in.

They laugh hysterically until James gets the hiccups and then they carry on with the rest of their morning routine or driving me crazy. As they left the bathroom, all I could do was laugh and think, ‘Can one’s butt really jiggle if they’re not even moving?’ Okay… that’s besides the point. I need to write a post about the ‘post baby body’ and why we can become so obsessed about it.

So the one thing that really annoys me about reading articles on body image, particularly after childbirth, is that it seems like the photos posted are a little dishonest. I often wonder if it is seriously the best picture the person has ever taken of themselves and then perhaps even helped a little with photoshop. If I’m going to write to other moms about how I feel about my own body… I’m going to do it up a right with some real honest photos. I was very tempted to photoshop out the gigantic pimple on my chin… but then figured that we’ve all had a zit or two in our lifetime. Who cares.

And of course before I go any further, I love my kids and would do it all again, despite all the things that having children did to my body. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I need to address something we mothers do to one another. We ask about the baby weight. Don’t do it. It’s great that some women lose their weight right away, but let’s not rub it in. I don’t ask you if anyone’s crater sized belly button is back to its normal shape, so lets not bother with the weight question either. And by the way, I don’t want to ‘embrace’ my post baby body either. I work with what I have… I don’t need to do anything other than that.

My push up bra and spanx. Just a few of my secrets.

My push up bra and spanx. Just a few of my secrets.

When I get compliments from other moms, which I do on occasion, my immediate reaction is that I have somehow tricked them into thinking I look better than what I do. I tell them that my chest is held up with an amazing push up bra, and I have spanx on underneath my dress to keep my tummy from becoming ‘untucked’, and I found some great foundation that covers up all the extra wrinkles I’ve acquired. Okay, so if you know me, you might be thinking I am totally exaggerating. Well, here’s the thing, women and especially mothers are hard on ourselves and each other. So, the reality is, most of us don’t like something about our body. And that’s okay.

Let’s be honest though and help one another out. My butt jiggles. I just realized that the blue lines on my legs are varicose veins. My daughter informed me that my stretch marks look like tiger stripes. My belly button may honestly have just made it back to it’s original size. My c-section scar just started to fade so it now longer looks like it is constantly smiling at me. My extra skin hangs only a ‘little’ compared to when it once was a flap hanging over my jeans. My feet never went back to their original size… and I often feel like ‘sasquatch’ when most fashionable shoe stores don’t have my size.

I know… I’m a real catch. Honestly, I wrote this for the moms who think they’re the only ones that don’t ‘embrace’ their post baby body. Be truthful with other moms because at the end of the day we are supposed to be on the same team. Tell another mom about your secrets and your insecurities. I love my family and myself… but that doesn’t mean I have to love my stretch marks or jiggly butt. To the moms out there that don’t love everything that pregnancy did to their body… I’ve got your back.


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    • We teach them honesty is the best policy… but boy they could hold back just a little!!

  1. lol…. too funny… can’t stop laughing and TOTALLY relate… i got the “OMG….. mom, your butt is jiggling” too from my 4 year old! gotta love it. – and YES… i agree… we are all hard on ourselves with our post baby bodies. I am a “firm” believer of spanks and great bras as well!!

    • It’s amazing how they seem to find these wonderful adjectives to describe our bodies.

  2. My sweet Kyle has said to me, “you’re super squishy” or “You make a good pillow”. I just look at him and say, “thank you!” 🙂 That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt though. I think one thing that women should do more is accept the compliments when they come. Simply say, “thank you” and don’t tell people about all you are doing under the clothing to make everything sit just right when they say, “you look great!” or whatever. It’s almost like we feel like we don’t deserve the compliment when it comes? You know? I used to do that all the time, but I’ve tried to stop doing it. Just a thought. Great post though! I love it. I am definitely not the biggest fan of my post baby body.

    • Thanks for the great insight. I think I should absolutely start accepting more compliments… or at least a few of them! 😉

  3. Yeah, my kids comment on my body as well. “Mom, you’re butt is big” is one I’ve heard quite a lot!! You are very daring to post this and you look great to boot!!

    • Too funny. I particularly enjoy when my kids point out cellulite and ask why my skin isn’t smooth. Thanks for making me feel like I’m not the only one that gets the critique from their kids.

  4. I loved this post! And I thought I was the only one with the issue of feet getting bigger after pregnancy! And you’re right that all the cute shoes are in small sizes. I think you look great by the way! 🙂

  5. This is so funny! I love it though, my daughters are still at the innocent age (2 & 1) so I am okay for another year or two! But I hope mine holds back and is nice to me, they can be mean to their daddy lol. Btw, I found your blog on Bloggy Moms April Blog Hop, I Hope you can visit me!
    Teresa @ Freebies 4 My Family

  6. My 3 year old informed me a couple weeks ago that my belly is really fat – my leftover baby weight (10 lbs) is all right there in what I refer to as my “mom belly”. Made me feel terrible, but she’s right. The honesty of kids is sometimes hilarious and sometimes seems to strike right at the deepest (often hidden) insecurity. You know what, though? I don’t bother with push-up bras or spanx (don’t even own any) because I don’t feel the need to pretend that my body is anything but what it is. Having a supermodel body isn’t the kind of “goal” I want my daughter to have. Yes there’s things about my body I don’t like, but I’m a good mom whether I have a fat belly or strangely shaped boobs or a thick neck. What’s more, I’m a good person who has accomplished a lot of things in my life, possibly the best being giving life to the little person who adores me. When we, as moms, women and just humans in general, spend more than a couple seconds thinking about our body’s shape and appearance, we risk so much. How can we teach our children to accept their body as they are when we’re wearing special clothing to change our own? And how will they learn that their body doesn’t need to look like the air brushed images online and on billboards if we’re trying to look like those images? Somethings to think about next time you reach for that push up bra or spanx instead of your comfortable bra and worn-out jeans..

    • Thanks for your perspective Melissa. I normally don’t take this long to respond but I’ve been on vacation. I must say I do love my comfortable bra and what I call ‘stretchy’ jeans. I am in them 95% of the time. I do however resort to my spanx and push up bra when I have a special event or evening out. Not sure if my daughter understands the meaning behind it all just yet but thanks for the reminder that our children are constantly looking up to us.

  7. Thanks for the uplift! This is exactly how I feel too, great cover up tips!