‘YOU ARE A GREAT MOM’ moment of the day.

So as I dress my son for the blizzard outside, I think to myself…wow how I wish you took the bus right now. He is petrified of the bus, so I drive him everyday. I call my mom to see if she can watch my youngest while I drive him to school. She lives a block over.

I get to the school, fight for a parking spot and get my son out of the car. We make the trek towards the kindergarten area. ‘This is so much work,’ I think to myself. I look over and see this other mother pushing a stroller through the inches of snow with a newborn baby. She is dragging her toddler aged child who is dragging his boots the whole way, obviously not thrilled to be along for the trip. Holding on to the side of the stroller is her school aged child, backpack in hand. WOW. This woman is amazing. To top everything off, she is on time. She doesn’t looked stressed and is not yelling or even whispering threatening disciplinary action at her children. I didn’t make it over to commend her, but seriously… what a great mom. To all the mothers out there who do this every day, hats off to you, you are doing an amazing job and I hope to get some pointers one day.


‘YOU ARE A GREAT MOM’ moment of the day. — 2 Comments

    • Thanks. I just think its so much better to respect other moms and learn from what they’re doing, rather than be threatened by them. This woman this morning was truly an inspiration. I hope to have more great mom moments to post as the weeks go on.